• Gently pull outward from both side to widen the material
  • Twist 3times, in general
    Apply glue onto twisted part to keep it twisted
    to see glue page, click here
  • Cut off the tip diagonally and twist it pointy helps
    you to go through beads or rondells easily.
  • After shrink the material using Free Metallico
    original tools, youcan put beads, chans or other material through it.
    to see FreeMetallico original tools, click here
  • After shrink the material using FreeMetallico
    original tools, you can layer another FreeMetallico throught it
  • Layering FreeMetallico, allows you to create
    unique texture 3 and gradual color valiations.
  • Adding knots in between beaded FreeMetallico gives
    different look on your project using FreeMetallico.



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